La Reyna BakeryLa Reyna Bakery was founded in 1965 in a small town called Woodlake, in Tulare County of the San Juaquin Valley, California, by my Mom and Dad, Clemente and Josephina Gutierrez.

We moved to San Francisco’s Mission District in 1971 and closed the Woodlake location.  My mom and dad worked at my aunts bakery called Dominguez Bakery La Flor De Jalisco in San Francisco’s Mission district, five years later on July 7th, 1977, they opened up at our present location at 3114 24th street.

Today, forty years later, still owned and operated by our family, we are still committed to bringing you the best Mexican and most authentic pastry possible.

We still make our pastries the way they were made in 1965 by only using fresh eggs, milk, fresh yeast, flour, water, sugar, salt, and other ingredients to make the most authentic pastry possible.

We boast our Head baker, and brother-in-law, Salvador Ramirez, who has been making bread here at La Reyna for the past 32 years, who himself learned from the original bakers who worked here at La Reyna when we opened, in 1977, who in turn learned to make these same breads from their teachers, who learned before them.