You can be sure come a special holiday we will have your fresh authentic pastry for that occasion, like the Pan de Muerto for Los Dias De Los Muertos, on Novemeber 2nd, and the Roscas de Reyes on January 6th. Dia de Los Muertos is a memorial day for ones beloved, who are now deceased in which the practitioner serves their favorite foods, and displays the favorite objects of their loved ones who have continued to the spirit world. The practitioner creates an altar of any size and dedicates it to that loved one, and of course including a pan de Muerto from La Reyna Bakery.

La Roscas de Reyes, for the Dia de Los Reyes, on January 6th, is another traditional Mexican feast day in which friends and family gather to celebrate another Catholic tradition of the arrival of the Three Kings Day. The custom in Mexico is to share gifts with family and friends as one would on Christmas day, and share a large oval ring shaped bread known as the Rosca de Reyes translated as the crown of the three kings. The bread has placed in it plastic babies which are hidden in it and if your slice of bread has a baby in it you are obliged to have a dinner of any size on February 2nd. This is a popular holiday so place your orders for this festive bread at La Reyna Bakery, early.